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This collectible copper metal vase features a stamped motif, fluted body and pedestal base. It measures 7.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches across. It is stamped "UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC" on the side of the body (photo 3). **The United Arab Republic was a union between Egypt and Syria that existed from 1958 ...

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According to the the United States Mint, the penny was made from copper or a copper alloy up until 1982. Since then, pennies have been made from 97.5% zinc and plated with copper due to its high cost. Outside of coins, instruments and jewelry, copper is used to make water pipes and fungicides. But what about the body? As you will see, copper …

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Decorative Arts - Metalware Category List of Antiques, With Information and Images (Page 101) ... Antique Copper Lavabo - United Arab Republic 3 photo. Antique Bronze Or Aluminum Large Turkey Fireplace Decor Bronze Color Cast Metal ... Antique Cast Iron Victorian Lady With Fan Door Stop Nr Low Start 2 photo.

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Vintage metal horse with copper wash from the 1950-60s still in very good condition. The horse is 5 inches long, 4 1/8 inches tall, and 1 ¼ inches wide. It is marked: Made in Japan. The stirrups move. I did not see any damage to the figurine. Combined orders welcome to save on shipping! For ...

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From United States +C $13.17 shipping. 2 Antique Brass Dallah Turkish Arabic Coffee Pots Signed Damascus. ... Antique Peerage Brass Pot Made in England 5" Tall AA1B418. C $43.38. From United States. or Best Offer ... HUGE 1800s antique handmade dovetailed copper brass wrought iron cooking pot pan. C $164.59. Top …

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Around the 4th century, innovators in the Middle East realized that if tin was added to copper, a stronger alloy called bronze could be made. It's not an easy process, though. The copper and tin have to be mined and smelted separately, then combined while in the molten state, so, it took a little while to really catch on. But eventually bronze ...

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The exterior looks like tin applied over the copper construction, with some of the tin wiped to show the copper beneath. Bottom is impressed "United Arab Republic" around a symbol I don't recognize. The United Arab Republic was formed in 1958, dissolved in 1961, although Egypt was known as UAR until about 1971.

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Rare vintage Chicago Stockyard souvenir cast iron piggy bank with copper wash from 1940-50s era still in very good vintage condition. The bank is 9 ¾ inches long, 3 ½ inches wide, and 5 ¼ inches tall. The bank is heavy at 5 pounds. This came from an old estate located in the hometown of Ronald Reagan.

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Rare vintage Chicago Stockyard souvenir cast iron piggy bank with copper wash from 1940-50s era still in very good vintage condition. The bank is 9 ¾ inches long, 3 ½ inches wide, and 5 ¼ inches tall.

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Definition of copper - a red-brown metal, the chemical element of atomic number 29., brown coins of low value made of copper or bronze., a large copper o

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Washed Concrete Iron. Imitates the smooth and porous surface of well-layered cement. This finely detailed workhorse rendition finds its way into most interiors as the basic ground on which to build, with subtle washed colors adding an extra dimension.

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A tin washed copper lavabo made by the United Arab Republic between 1958-1961. This wall-hanging set includes a dispenser with a brass nozzle. This wall-hanging set includes a dispenser with a brass nozzle.

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