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Typical applications for our fine classifiers are the separation of undesired coarse grains and the distinct reduction of fines (de-dusting). Different machine designs are available, depending on the desired cut points or application.

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These Air Separators, or Air Classifiers, are proven to be outstanding equipment of their type - in efficiency, capacity, design, and construction. Here are some of the features of Williams superior Mechanical Air Separators:

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RSG Inc manufactures air classifiers for all types of dry powders. Small capacity machines start around 1 kg/hr for fine metal powders, food and pharmaceutical applications. High capacity air classifiers go up-to 1000 tph or more for iron ore, cement, fly ash and slags.

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The inverted cone type is used for coarse grinding, while the double cone type for fine grinding. Dynamic classifiers allow instant adjustment to provide wide flexibility of operation. They produce cleaner top size cuts for finer grinding applications.

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The Whirlwind ® Mobile Air Classifier is the world's first and only mobile air classifying plant with integral collapsible conveyors. The Whirlwind ® Mobile Air Classifier effectively removes excess fines from aggregate products bringing materials formerly considered waste materials into specification.

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Air classifiers are used to separate particles in dry powder. Like screens, you have a plus fraction (Coarse) and a minus fraction (fines). Unlike screens which typically start to blind around 44um (325 mesh), air classifiers can be used to separate particles in the sub-micron range.

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Fine product leaves the classifier through the central outlet with the primary air flow. The classifiers come complete with all the major components necessary for classification of dry powders in the less than 75 micron range. Classifiers and air classifiers

air classifiers provide a full system solution with an alternative to wet classifying. ... The fine particles travel a spiral path into the out-lets located on each side of the unit. The two air streams combine and enter a cyclone for final recovery of fine particles.

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Powder & Particle Processing. Proven since over 110 years: our mills, classifiers, compactors and turnkey systems for the production of fine powders and granules, for mineral base materials, in the chemicals / pharmaceuticals industries, for foodstuffs and for recycling tasks.

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Static Air Classifier ZZX > Products & solutions > Powder technology > Static ... The fine fraction in the upper outlet is mixed with the air and has to be separated in a cyclone or a filter. Typical installation of the ZZX classifier is shown below.

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Air Classifiers can separate powders as coarse as 80 mesh or as fine as 2-3 microns. Can air classifiers separate by density? Yes density plays a role in Air Classifier separation, but the internal air currents are actually affecting the overall mass/weight of the particles in the feed.

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The SCIROCCO classifiers can be fed either by gravity or with the main air. For separations below 20μm the product is introduced with the air from the bottom for optimum dispersion of the feed. Where coarser separations are required, it is possible to introduce feed from the top of the classifier and this configuration helps to reduce the ...

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Manufacturer and turnkey systems integrator of air classifiers. Air swept classifier systems are available in power rating ranging from 3 hp to 600 hp, and flow rate from 200 cfm to 30000 cfm. Particles of 10 microns size can be yielded. Features include air swept classifier mills, cyclone, dust ...

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The company manufactures air classifiers, ball mills and stirred media mills for the production of fine, superfine and ultrafine powders for the mineral, mining, cement, lime, metal powder and chemical industries.

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Mechanical centrifugal air classifiers are used extensively to process aggregates, ceramics, chemicals, foods, minerals, metals, plastics, flyash and other materials. They are normally employed when the particle size that you need to separate is too fine to screen. The air-classified product can be ...

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Classifiers and air classifiers. ... Standard classifier for high outputs in the fine to medium-fine separation range of d 97 = 20 - 200 µm. High fines yield at low energy consumption. Details. Micron MS air classifier. Fine classifier designed as an air-flow classifier (pneumatic product feed).

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An air classifier is a machine used in industries to separate coarse particles from fine particulate matter and heavier particles from lighter ones. In high-efficiency classifiers, the materials are neatly divided, therefore reducing over-grinding. ATP Turboplex ultrafine air classifier

(a) Franken/Buell gravitational-inertial classifier, (b) Vortex classifier, (c) gravitational–centrifugal classifier. In the Buell separators the secondary air stream interferes with the primary stream causing the fine particles moving in the curvilinear chamber to mix with fed material.

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Mikro Atomizer® Air Classifying Mill The Mikro Atomizer® Air Classifying Mill is ideal for grinding heat sensitive and extremely cohesive material efficiently. Mikro LGM® Long Gap Mill The Mikro LGM® Long Gap Mill is an air classifier mill that uses a combination of attrition and impact forces for fine size reduction down to D97 10 μm.

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Turbo-Classifiers High speed turbo-classifiers are used to separate dry powders based on particle size, delivering throughputs and finenesses that cannot be achieved by screening. ECUTEC's turbo-classifiers can handle rates as high as 50 t/h and deliver products as fine as 1 micron. ECUTEC provides turnkey classifying systems that offer …

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By implementing an air classifier in an existing screening unit, the capacity can be increased significantly because fine material is separated before the screening process. The installation of such a compact air classifier can be realized in every screening unit.

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Fine product leaves the classifier through the central outlet with the primary air flow. The classifiers come complete with all the major components necessary for classification of dry powders in the less than 75 micron size range.

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Should the amount of finished fine size product in the feed be relatively small, some classifiers will have difficulty in recovering this fraction. For example, if the portion of fines is on the order of 20 to 25% below 10 microns, many classifiers would be too inefficient to recover a -10 micron product.

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An air classifier is an industrial machine which separates materials by a combination of size, shape, and density. Air classifiers are commonly employed in industrial processes where a large volume of mixed materials with differing physical characteristics need to be separated quickly and efficiently.

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