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Extreme Stories By Other Authors. These are extreme stories by other people that I liked. These are all just as extreme or worse than my extreme stories, so be forwarned.

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When Christians were telling the story of Jesus' crucifixion, Roman writers were describing in gritty detail crucifixions they saw with their own eyes.

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A Modern Crucifixion Story. August 28, 2013 by George Weigel. KRAKOW, Poland – The village of Pasierbiec is in the south of Poland, about 30 miles from the old ...


JAMILLA CRUCIFIXION ... No, no, all well considered, crucifixion was the best she could hope for. At least her pain would be over in a few days instead of years.

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Jan 02, 2016· I really like ( and get excited with) consensual crucifixion stories. The idea of women or men going voluntarily to the cross excites me greatly. Could...

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A nude model takes a crucifixion pose for artists. More fun at the Manor: Carole meets an exciting young couple Caroline had always fantasized about being crucified.

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